Henry Street Publishing isn't here to make money. We're here to help you make quality content. We're here to enhance your journey to self-publication. We are a collective of writers, artists, and creative minds striving to make the writing world seem less daunting to new and upcoming authors by providing information and support.

We are a publishing company that exists to help you - Not take your money.

Need recommendations on cover art? We got you.

Need help finding an affordable editor? Done.

Having trouble navigating the black hole of information that is KDP? Check out all this information here!

You want to make an audiobook? We can help you with that too!

Want some help making ads? We can do that too. 

Want to do it yourself? No problem, we can tell you how and where to get started.

Have an idea for a cover that just needs to be tweaked? We can help with that too.

Even if you just have questions - we are here for that. We can offer you advice, support, ideas, and beta readers who will offer legitimate critiques and not lip service. 

You want us to do the work for you? We can do that too.

We can hire an editor and an illustrator for you.

We can publish your book on KDP and IngramSpark.

Contact us today and join us on Henry Street!

We're a neighborhood - and like a good neighborhood SHOULD be, we're here to help you!

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Henry Street welcomes, supports, and allies our mission with the LGBTQIA+ community, people of color, gender nonconformance, and everything in between. 

EVERYONE is welcome in our neighborhood.*