Jenkins, bring me my blog!  (A.J.'s Blog) 

A.J. Bass

A.J. Bass was born in the never ending cornfield known as Indiana, grew up there, and lives there still. 

She likes corn. Don’t judge.

In the winter of 1991, her mother gave her a copy of Mega Man 3 as a Christmas gift and immediately sparked a love of science fiction, video games and, of course, robots.

She graduated Indiana University in 2004 with a degree in studio art, which is why she needs a day job.

An avid martial artist, cartoon junkie, and toy collector, Bass is most comfortable curled up watching movies with her husband and two kids, and sipping whiskey on her back patio with a gigantic plate of nachos.

Books in Print:

Paige's Story by A.J. Bass
Tales Of Fort Thomas by A.J. Bass


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