Getting the best Cover Art for your budget

So, you've got a book that's ready to go - or about there - and you're thinking about a cover idea. No problem!

If you were just doing a release on Amazon or KDP, they have have free cover software creating options. But that cover will not work if you plan on using other services such as IngramSpark.

Some websites offer free templates and book cover ideas for mostly free. You can try 100 Covers, Canva, Fotor, and a few others if you're interested. 

There are several people we know through Twitter and other social media outlets who create custom cover art for a reasonable price. Some even offer pre-made designs for less. If you would like me to point you in this direction, please let me know.

We have a person who works with us from time to time. His name is Brian and He is a professional graphic artist with 20+ years experience. I can put you in direct contact with him - he will set his own fees, but it is usually around $150/hr for the work he does.

In the past, we have worked with - They offer professional cover designs starting at $175 for pre-designed covers and $395+ for more elaborate ideas. They are fast, offer free adjustment and changes, and also offer formatting options.

Lastly, we could offer to help you come up with one!

 AJ and Ben are both art majors from Indiana University and have had decent success with creating our own covers and artwork. This last option comes fairly cheap as we would only ask for a nominal fee and the addition of “Cover Art by Henry Street Publishing” added to your information page - NOT as part of your cover unless you want to become "a part of the neighborhood."

(I’ve included a few examples for you to look over. A 2nd Edition version of my book and some options for AJ’s next book) 

Check out some examples of our cover art - made in house. Examples for AJ's upcoming Rise and Fall and a 2nd edition of Alone In The Light. 

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