Would you like to be a Beta Reader?

Beta Readers are crucial to getting your manuscript ready for the masses. It allows you to give your "mostly" finished manuscript to a select few readers to go over and offer you advice, opinions, and maybe a suggestion or two to polish up your masterpiece. 

We have several such people on hand here at Henry Street - and they are wonderful! But we could always use a few more!

Unlike asking your friends and family to read your book and hope for honest opinions - our Beta Readers are required to fill out a questionnaire for you, the author, with complete, honest feedback for your book. 

No more vague reports such as "It's good." or "I like it." - You're going to get honesty. Good, bad, and everything in between.

Would you like to be one of these Beta Readers? If so, check out the handy application below!

Right now, we are looking for fans of YA/Fantasy works to add to our list. But we are willing to add ANYONE to the list. Fill out the form below and come be a Beta Reader for The Henry Street Neighborhood!

** Our Beta Readers will not know who the author is - and the author will not know who their Beta Reader is. 

We will handle all communications between the two parties. ** 

 Contact us at: info@henrystreetpublishing.com

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Henry Street welcomes, supports, and allies our mission with the LGBTQIA+ community, people of color, gender nonconformance, and everything in between. 

EVERYONE is welcome in our neighborhood.*