Henry Street Publishing isn't here to make money. We're here to help you make quality content. We're here to enhance your journey to self-publication. We are a collective of writers, artists, and creative minds striving to make the writing world seem less daunting to new and upcoming authors by providing information and support.

AJ and Ben started publishing in 2018 with Paige's Story... and we had no idea what we were doing. Finding help consisted of a lot of Google searches, reading things, shaking our heads, and doing another Google search. It was not fun.

Then we came Alone In The Light in 2019. And by then, we'd forgotten all the things we learned in the previous year. But we managed it!

Then we started making audiobooks through ACX - and it was an amazing experience. So many great narrators out there waiting to help bring your story to life!

So - after our own journey, we decided that we can take what we've learned, and try to help out other people who are starting on the same journey of self-publishing! We made an office, we got registered with the state of Indiana, and now - we're starting to try and make a difference in the self-publishing world!

We're a neighborhood - and like a good neighborhood SHOULD be, we're here to help you! As much or as little as you'd like!

Welcome to Henry Street!

 Contact us at: info@henrystreetpublishing.com

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